Healthy Mind + Body

See My Art, Inc., unlocking doors and opening minds
Live Awake, a movement in consciousness
The Manifest-Station, on being human
One Fit Widow, helping widows, widowers, and their children, live well after loss
Unstuck, an in-the-moment digital coach; especially a Practical Guide to Gratitude
Vivid & Brave, a community and conversation for creative women
The Conversation Project, helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care
Lupus Foundation of America, help solve the cruel mystery
Meningitis Foundation of America, support, advocacy and education


What's Your Grief, promotes grief education, exploration, and expression
Elaine Mansfield, Grief is a sacred Journey
Refuge in Grief, emotionally intelligent grief support
The Compassionate Friends, supporting family after a child dies
Widower's Grief, the world of grief from one man's perspective
Modern Loss, candid conversation about grief
The MISS Foundation, a community of compassion and hope for grieving families
Open to Hope, finding hope after loss
Anythings Possible, Even Joy, a blog by Robin Botie
The Grief Toolbox

Be Prepared

Get Your Shit Together, Life and Death Planning: low effort, high reward
Not Being Morbid, but can we talk about death?
Once I've Gone, live for today, prepare for tomorrow