Headliner lessons

Headliner lessons

CITY TAKES AIM AT DERELICT BOATS was the headline in our small town monthly. You may feel sorry the boat fell on hard times. You could speculate on what the boat did wrong. Or you might be curious about the myriad ways we skirt social or community issues.  Beat around the rocks as it were. 

If we aim at the boat, do we minimize the vessel owner's dereliction of their marine responsibilities? Is it merely the editors' headline tactic to get attention or are they preventing offense by labeling inanimate objects rather than people?

When we're trying to make a point, how do we balance diplomacy with truthfulness? If we soften the accusation, do we care less or more? 

When I use discretion in daily life, am I doing better because now I know better (as Maya Angelou teaches us) or am I better at caring? 

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