Why look up?

Why look up?

Think big. Reach for the sky. The sky's the limit. To infinity and beyond. Great advice, even if cliche. 

Why do we look up anyway? We may find answers, connect with Spirit or witness Mother Nature revealing her grandeur with a magnificence that dwarfs even the most narcissistic among us. 

We continue with grand or small steps, with determination following failure, disease, tragedy, and disappointment because looking up triggers hope, renewal, change, At least it does for me. 

And what does the continually shifting perspective of passing clouds ask of us? Only that we grab hold before it's too late. 

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Daylight saved

Daylight saved

The light of day is saved beginning at 2:00 a.m. today, this Spring's official daylight saving time. Are you in the what a bunch of hooey crowd or do you like it? 

To my thinking, it is an absurdly egotistical trick of an entirely human construct. Time, a human invention, wasn't good enough. We want more and better quality. Instead of recognizing the prison we put ourselves in, we've found ourselves bending our rules to suit our imagined needs. And somehow believing we'd saved time. For what, I don't know. Later use?

If there was a time bank, would we put our savings to good purpose or hoard it until we have yet another populace of haves and have-nots? 

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Flotsam and Jetsam

Look closer.
The bits and pieces of our lives come and go with our emotional tides. How much belongs to us? For what am I responsible? How might I dispose of it properly and permanently? Or better yet, how may it be upcycled to fuel the things that save me, that are of service to others?

Look deeper.
What is beneath the surface? Bright, dark and fertile crystals waiting for the life-giving light coming on the next tide releasing them to shine again.

Look now. 

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It's been a month

A month of Thursday's rather than the adage "a month of Sunday's" when speaking about time passing slowly. February 23rd, was the first Thursday after Mom died; then March 2nd, the second Thursday; March 9th, the third and today, it's been a month. 

After someone dies, it feels as though the march of time shifts. Some days we walk more mindfully and other days roam about with little purpose or drive.  It's been a month of tears and reminiscing and wondering. And acceptance. And learning to live in a world that's changed yet again. 

I feel her presence in previously unexplored ways; while chopping veggies wearing her apron, when saying evening prayers, while gazing at my favorite photo of her smile glowing on a Hawaiian vacation. 

What will it feel like when I have the courage to listen to Mom's last voice mail? We'll see.

Maybe next month. 

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This balance thing

I can go for days flowing along at a just right pace, feeling accomplished and thinking I've finally figured it all out. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised how often adjustments are necessary to maintain the balance. 

Blaming myself for a loss of self-care focus, for allowing an indulgence, or a temporary devil-may-care attitude that caused the imbalance is useless. Forgiveness, a return to loving kindness of self, a reckoning of my humanness and a reminder to consider how far I've come. We learn from our past to be better now; creating hope for the future.

And as the scales return to a state of equilibrium, let me enjoy these moments with simple celebration noting the ebb and flow of life. It doesn't have to "mean" something when the measures tip too far north or south. A humble recognition is sufficient. 

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